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Business Solution to Rising Energy Costs
14th February 2011

In recent months there have been rising concerns as to what the impact of going green will be on businesses in the UK. As more nuclear power is provided at an investment estimated to cost upwards of a £200bn, that expense will be passed on to consumers with higher energy costs. Not only will individuals and families be required to pay higher energy bills, but businesses will also see tariffs rise exponentially as new nuclear power plants are financed.

The addition of more sources of sustainable energy (including nuclear, solar and biomass) is expected to take a minimum of two to three years and even when complete the cost of energy is expected to continue skyrocketing. Whilst construction of new nuclear plants may be accomplished by the mid part of the decade, it will take many more years to cover the cost.

Although there is a need for sustainable sources of energy, rising bills could put many businesses in an untenable situation. Even though the economy appears to be rebounding, profit margins are still down and higher energy prices are just compounding the financial woes which many businesses are currently facing. In an effort to keep businesses afloat, many energy brokers are finding business gas and electric deals to provide cost effective energy to consumers who would otherwise be unable to afford the rising costs.

The focus will be on helping businesses to seek competitive rates in business gas and electricity while the energy crisis works itself out. There are alternatives available and each supplier has its own pricing structure. By comparing rates and long-term packages, it is possible to find deals which will enable businesses to keep their doors open until a final solution is found to the UK’s ongoing energy shortages.