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Cutting the Cost of Commercial Gas Heating
26th February 2011

Although many private individuals and families have found a way to reduce the cost of gas and electricity, many businesses in the UK have yet to catch up with the times. Natural gas prices fluctuate from moment to moment and when there is some huge development that cuts off supplies, even temporarily, prices skyrocket. Even in times when pricing is fairly stable, there are several things you can do to save your business from unnecessary expense in terms of natural gas usage.

Commercial gas is measured exactly in the same manner as household natural gas would be, the only difference would be in consumption. Quite obviously businesses will use significantly larger amounts of gas simply because the requirements are so much larger, especially if the building is heated with a gas heating furnace. Restaurants with gas hot water heaters of course would be among the largest consumers. Unfortunately, there isn’t much you can do to reduce the cost of hot water since sanitation laws require specific temperatures for washing dishes and other tasks within an eating establishment.

While it is suggested that we keep our thermostats lowered during the winter to reduce the amount of gas it takes to hear our places of business, it is also imperative to be cognizant of where that heat is going. The best way to reduce commercial gas expense is to minimize the amount of area to be heated! In offices which aren’t being used close the vents. Heated storerooms and supply areas can also have the heating vents closed unless there are personnel who work fulltime in those areas. Treat doors to those areas in the same way as you would exterior doors and make sure they are air tight with weather stripping if necessary. By reducing the amount of space to be heated in the chill months you will be cutting consumption and therefore the cost of commercial gas by a considerable amount.