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The ‘big six’ are often discussed in business gas firms, but it may not be obvious on whether your current business gas provider is included in the group. Whether you’re wanting to switch business energy providers or are just interested in who’s got what to offer your commercial property, you’re likely to run into one […]

The journey to becoming a global multi-million-pound business that uses responsible and renewable energy sources isn’t an easy road for a business owner to reach. With non-renewable energy sources being so cheap and readily available, a company’s ethics can be questioned if they chose this route. However, there are thousands of companies worldwide have turned […]

Getting commercial energy solutions from a trusted business energy provider isn’t an easy task and it’s not uncommon for businesses to be paying over the odds for ‘cheap’ energy. Because businesses use much more energy than the average home does, it’s important for you to be getting the best deal. Understanding the rates that you […]